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HR: A little house update

Are you all tired of the house talk yet?

Then you might wanna check out your google reader and move onto the next blog b/c it’s all house talk here at IHeartFood4Thought. I can’t help it. I have house on the brain. 24. 7. I sleep house. I breathe house. I eat house. Ok maybe not the eat part. Stucco and dry wall probably aren’t very appetizing but maybe high in fiber? tehee

So... you’ll be happy to know that me and Hubs have moved past the ceiling light fight discussion. He wasn’t feeling the upside blooming onion as he called it so I started looking at other lighting options and showed him this >>

PS Maskros Pendant lamp via Ikea

He stared at it for a while. And finally said. “Ok I can do the dandelion instead of the blooming onion.”

Score! *double fist pump*

Honestly it’s the one I wanted more but I thought the price would turn him off.

I’m also thinking of using this vinyl to build on the dandelion theme. Maybe along the walls that wind down the stairs to the second bedroom.

Image via Etsy seller StudioJK

See ladies. That’s how it’s done. Give your Hubs a few options and eventually he’ll see the value that comes with the price. It won’t happen overnight. My husband has been on the training program for 11 years now. But have patience and you’ll get the ceiling light you secretly covet. Like me.

Next up. Painting our bedroom pink. Oy! That might take more “training”.

October 19, 2009 at 6:52 pm 10 comments

HR: Welcome Home

That’s how I knew this was the house for me.

The front door just seemed to say “Welcome Home.”

You can see from the unfinished stairs that we still have to pick out flooring and window treatments. I’m leaning towards wood in the common areas, carpet in the bedrooms/closets and tile in the bathrooms. My husband doesn’t really care either way as long as he knows the bottom line costs. So like a man. Actually he’s more concerned about the size of flat screen that will fit above the fireplace mantle and the landscaping. He wants all concrete in our small patio/backyard so that he doesn’t have to mow. *smacks head* I curse my BIL for complaining all the time about mowing his huge back and front yard. Oh well. I guess I can compromise on the concrete.

Right now the topic of house conversation isn’t the escrow papers, the money, the floors, the paint color, the window treatments. It’s about the diningroom ceiling lamp. I want this:

Knappa pendant lamp from Ikea

But husband says it looks like an upside down blooming onion. Sigh…

October 15, 2009 at 6:07 am 6 comments

HR: “It really tied the room together.” ~The Dude

Ya know what? There’s 10 things that I am slowly realizing as I wait for my November escrow to come to a close.

10. You will find your house when you aren’t looking for it.
9. You won’t find your perfect house. You have to find your perfect-right-now house. And that’s ok.
8. Thirty days will feel like 300 days.
7. There’s nothing that will prepare you for the amount of money you will be spending. A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y.N.O.T.H.I.N.G. (I’m still hyperventilating about the closing costs.)
6. You will talk to your lender on the phone more than your BFF.
5. Your TV will perpetually be on HGTV channel 24/7 much to the aggravation of your husband. And then you realize he’s actually sitting next to you watching too.
4. For some reason you get the craving to buy a staple gun. (See #5)
3. Family and friends become your best asset in the house buying process. Not just for monetary mooching advantages but for advice and support.
2. First time home buyer tax credit (aka free money) is fan-FREAKING-tastic. It’s going to allow us to buy our first home and be debt free! w00t w00t!
1. You will become obsessed with rugs.

Ok maybe that last one is just me. ~>

October 9, 2009 at 11:25 am 13 comments

NFR: Property Virgin… no more?

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since I last wrote in my blog.

A couple people even emailed me and left me comments not to give up blogging. I guess 3 weeks is too long to go on hiatus in the blogging world, eh? Maybe it’s like dog years. One day is like 1 year. Wait? Did I just compare myself to a dog? Well… I suppose I can be a bitch sometimes. HA!

To be honest I forget I have readers. I forget that reading someone’s blog is like having permission to know what’s going on in their lives. At least that’s the way it is for me. When one of my blogging buddies stopped writing I feel so disconnected to them. Is that how you felt about me, Commenter #25? *smiles*

So I wanted to apologize for my lack of Tuesdays with Dorie posts, random non-food related and other food for thought posts lately. But there’s been a lot going on at mi casa.

Actually… I’m in the process of BUYING mi casa! Eek.

Whaaaaaattt? (I know my friend, April, is totally saying that right now.)

That’s right! No foolin’. In about 30 days I might be the owner of a brand new 2 bedroom/2 bathroom townhouse. And I’m totally freaking out! (Cross your fingers for me!)

This is the model’s livingroom. It’s already wired for flat screen above the fireplace. Obviously my husband is UBER excited about this!

So bare with me. This was very unexpected. We weren’t even really looking. It’s kinda like looking for a boyfriend. You look, look, look and find nothing but taken/married, too short, no personality etc but when you least expect it you find the one you’ve been looking for. Am I right girls?

I promise I’m not closing down my blog. I just might be preoccupied with mortgage, down payments, lenders, real estate agents, first time home buyer, tax credit, paint chips mumbo jumbo for a while.

But I know I’m a true foodie b/c I’m already planning my housewarming party menu!

Too soon? HA HA

October 6, 2009 at 8:51 am 25 comments

NFR: Project Samson

… and my hair stylist’s name was Delilah. HA! Ok not really. Actually her name’s Corrine but she had no remorse cutting my hair.

Let me back up. It all started with a tweet.

Next thing I know my friend calls me and says “Are you busy?” Why? “I made you a hair appt for Sunday at 1 o’clock.” WHAT? “It will be fun. We can get our hair cut together.” Why? “I saw your tweet.” Damn twitter.

So… (3 hours later) I went from this…

… to this.

WHOA right?

All I remember is squealing when she took the HUGE scissors and cut HACKED off my ponytail. I think I even remember my friend laughing at me. Then again the memory is kinda fuzzy b/c I’m trying to block the trauma. (Melodramatic, much? Um. yes. I’m a girl. Duh?!)

It’s been almost a week and I’m still getting use to short hair. Everyone seems to like it. Me? I feel like a tard when I try to use a flat iron. Forget trying to use a hair dryer and round brush at the same time. How the heck do people do that? I’m just not ambidextrous. My left hand is useless. Sorry Lefty. The truth hurts.

But I don’t regret it. It’s kinda becoming a tradition for me. Every year I cut my hair and donate to Locks of Love <~ Click the link to learn more. It's really a great cause and I'm sure I'll do it again next year. What do I have to lose? Just my hair.

September 19, 2009 at 1:20 pm 26 comments

NFR: I am lucky to have a job

I am lucky to have a job.
I am lucky to have a job.
I am lucky to have a job.
I am lucky to have a job.
I am lucky to have a job.

Sorry that’s all I have in me to blog. It was just one of those days…

March 25, 2009 at 5:15 pm 6 comments

NFR: Lego My Photo

My new favorite blog.

“Is there an ARRRRRRRRRRR?!”

I admit I wasn’t into Barbie when I was a little girl. I love me some Legos. My brother and I use to spend hours in his room building random things (b/c we never liked to follow the instructions that came with the sets). One time it was a little quiet… too quiet…upstairs and my mom found us both asleep on top of a huge sea of legos. When she woke us up we had the imprint of lego blocks on our cheeks. My mom laughed for hours… Ah good times.

Oscar got up today and decided to put on a happy face.

The lego love continues with my 5 year old godson. He is a lego freak. He loves legos esp the HUGE $50-$100 sets that you can build whole scenes and comes with a bazillion parts. (Actually his dad builds it for him and he acts out scenes with the legos.)

“Yarrr! Over.”
“Yarrr! Over.”
“Yarrr? Over.”
“Yarr. Over and out.”

So… if you have a lego freak in your life. Send him or her this blog link for hours of lego nerd entertainment.

Anyone have some uber fun plans this weekend?

All I have on the menu is MIL birthday party and a few baking projects… Obviously I party hard on the weekends. HAHA

Happy Friday the 13th readers. Eek!

March 13, 2009 at 6:18 am 5 comments

NFR: I Kissed A Girl

I woke up late this morning (Darn you! Top Chef Reunion keeping me up past my bedtime!) and since I am void of wit and brain power right now, here’s a meme to keep you entertained today.

But just in case you were curious.

I did cook last night. Go me! I made an old favorite: Alfredo Bake. Holy pasta batman. It was goooooood.

1. Copy and paste all the stuff below into a new “note”.
2. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
3. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

Play (David Banner)

Don’t Stop The Music (Rhianna)

Pocket Full of Sunshine (Natasha Beningfield)

Sexual Seduction (Snoop Dogg)

Just Want To Be With You (Enrique Eglesias)

Ride Wit Me (Nelly)

Cyclone (Baby Bash feat. T-Pain)

Hero (Enrique Iglesias)

Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
In The End (Linkin Park)

Love Like This (Natasha Beningfield feat. Sean Kingston)

I Like That (Houston feat. Chingy)

The Way I Am (Eminem)

Bootylicious (Destiny’s Child)

Only Time (Enya)

Role Model (Eminem)

Right Round (Flo Rida feat. Kesha)

Hella Good (No Doubt)

Its Going Down (Yung Joc)


Sexyback (Justin Timberlake)

Diirty (Christna Aguilera)

LOL. Sorry it’s true. The iPhone/iPod says so.

I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry)

Happy Thursday readers. One more day until Friday… w00t!

March 5, 2009 at 9:54 am 6 comments

NFR: Somee thinks she’s trying to tell me something.

Sorry food blog.

I’ve been neglecting you. I’ve been finding more comfort in my cupcake blog these days and I apologize. It aint right to have favorites. But its human nature and I can’t help it. But I am back now. I missed you. I did.

Although I do have a confession.

It’s not only the cupcake blog. I’ve been cheating on you with someone else. But in my defense, I didn’t even realize it until my friend, Nikki of Crazy Delicious Food, sent me an email with this attachment.


Hello my name is Clara. I am addicted to Twitter.

Hello Clara… *crowd chants*

So… would this be the wrong time to ask all my readers if they twitter? (You can find my twitter link on the sidebar.) I am guessing that’s not part of my 12 step plan. Oops. Back to step one.

Thank you everyone for your sympathies on Opie’s passing. I really appreciated reading all your heartfelt comments. It’s amazing to me how Opie has not only enriched my life but also touched so many other lives too. I am still grieving but starting to embrace her beautiful memory rather than her passing. I’ll be back to my fabulous food blog form soon. Truly. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Happy Friday readers. Enjoy your weekend.

February 27, 2009 at 7:35 am 8 comments

NFR: Let’s talk about debt, baby!

I was talking to my friend, Julie (See J? I told you I’d pimp out your blog. LOL) , the other day about debt. Probably not the most pleasant conversation among friends but one that many people are facing right now. At least I know I am. I remember reading that 2008 was the highest bankruptcy filing, almost 1 million (say it like Dr. Evil) people; young, old, married, single, student. Wow.

Julie even mentioned that her pastor was doing a sermon series on financial peace. Now I am not a very religious person. I guess I believe there is something out there but I really can’t say what. Officially my family is Buddhist but a certain Bostonian friend once told me that the teachings of Buddha are about living a simple life free from material things to reach enlightenment and I am not simple or free of wants. Ok I admit it. I want alot of things. I am a material girl.

See how that works. Its a vicious circle really. Being a material girl isn’t cheap. Therefore I have acquired some credit card debt. Thankfully I do not have any other debt. No school loans, no car payments, no mortgage. It could be worse. I have friends and family that over under in their home, have 10x the debt that I have, lost their job. I know its easy to blame the lenders and economy but let’s be honest and place some of the blame on ourselves too. Did we really need those $300 Coach shoes that were 50% off? (Yes, I am talking to you A.)

But I think there is a difference between good debt and bad debt. School loans are good debt IMO. Buying things you can’t afford and putting on your credit card is probably bad debt. (Why are you all looking at me like that?) I have gotten better though. I use to have 10 credit cards. Now I have 2. Hey baby steps right? I am working on freezing my last 2 credit cards like my friend, Amanda, does with hers to avoid using it in snap Nordstrom sale decisions but I am not quite there yet.

Right now T and I have figured out a 1 year plan to pay off our debt. No more paying the bare minimum. Now practically my whole paycheck goes to our debt and we live on his income. Right now it kinda sucks b/c I feel like I am working my arse off and not getting the instant gratification of spending my hard earned money (ie I really want a Wii+Wii Fit!) but I know I will later when that giant credit card debt weight is lifted from my shoulders and we can buy a house (and adopt a doggy!)

What are you doing to find financial peace?

January 22, 2009 at 7:16 am 11 comments

NFR: Vinyl Letter Love

I have an addictive personality.

When I get into something I go nuts and it consumes me. At least until the next addiction takes over… HAHA. My latest addiction?

Vinyl Lettering.

Remember my vinyl lettering and dry erase board project? No? Well… let me remind you.

(I love looking at it.)

Just when you thought all you could do with vinyl lettering was make a weekly menu, I found Studio JK Vinyl that takes it to a whole new addiction level.

Home decorating.

But addictions can be pricey so I am entering this giveaway in hopes of winning a gift certificate to that etsy store I mentioned above.

Don’t bother clicking the link. (Hey I can see you clicking over there! Stop that!)

Don’t even think about entering. I do not need more competition.

This one is MINE MINE MINE!

Now all I need is a house. Is there a giveaway for that?

December 5, 2008 at 11:46 am 14 comments

Happy Turkey Day

my bunnies
flip flops
CA cold
favorite hoodie
Nordstrom’s 1/2 Yearly Sale
Empire Red KA mixer
vanilla cupcakes
string cheese
cashmere hand cream
white chocolate
stretchy jeans
promise rings
vanilla beans
love letters
“No reason but I love you” phone calls
date nights
rose and driftwood
brita filter
absentee ballots
25¢ gumballs
blog comments
free speech
debit cards
No interest for 90 days
take a penny, leave a penny
martinis, shaken not stirred
central air conditioning
olive oil
tide pens

… but most importantly I am thankful for my husband, family and friends to share this day of thanks with.

Happy Turkey Day!

Hope your day is filled with many things (and people) you are thankful for too.

November 27, 2008 at 7:13 am 3 comments

Photo Week – Touch

I know.

I am late.

This was suppose to be done yesterday… but I hope you’ll forgive me when you see the pictures.

E is our unofficial godson. His favorite toy are these toy blocks. He loves to touch them, throw them, roll them across the floor etc.

… and a few more pics just because.

Isn’t he the most adorable baby in the world?? I love his cheeks. Don’t you?

Happy Saturday!

October 11, 2008 at 3:52 pm 4 comments

NFR: Do you know your SO?

I found this meme on fellow newlywed friends, Beth, Alanna, Kats’ blogs.

Is 14 months still considered “newlywed”?

Just nod your head.
*nod nod*
Good reader.

I am NOT an OMH yet…


How well do you know your significant other (spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, domestic partner)?

1. They are watching TV….. What are they watching?
My guess: MSNBC, Simpsons, Bill Mahr
His answer: Bill Mahr

2. You’re out to eat. What kind of dressing do they get on their salad?
My guess: Italian
His answer: Italian

3. What’s one food this person doesn’t like?
My guess: he likes everything
His answer: shrimp (he likes it but in moderation)

4. You go out for a drink. He/she orders…
My guess: midori
His answer: midori

5. Where did he/she go to high school?
My guess: GG
His answer: GG

6. What size shoe do they wear?
My guess: 9
His answer: 9

7. If this person were to collect anything, it would be?
My guess: dvds
His answer: dvds

8. What is their favorite type of car?
My guess: he’s not a car person so he’ll probably say his Camry
His answer: prius (he’s into fuel efficiency)

9. This person could eat __________ everyday?
My guess: peanut butter
His answer: chicken parmesan

10. Favorite sports team?
My guess: Use to be Phoenix Suns but after D’Antoni left I think he’s a Lakers fan again
His answer: Lakers

11. Favorite cereal?
My guess: Peanut Butter Captain Crunch
His answer: PB Captain Crunch

12. This person wouldn’t be caught dead wearing…
My guess: speedo
His answer: pink

13. Who will he/she vote for?
My guess: He’s a die hard demo so… Obama.
His answer: Obama

14. What is their sign?
My guess: pisces
His answer: pisces

15. What is something you do that he wishes you didn’t do?
My guess: Nag him about picking up his clothes
His answer: Ask him to take quizzes when he hasn’t had his coffee yet (har har har. He’s so funny. NOT.)

16. How many states has this person lived in?
My guess: 1
His answer: 1

17. This person could spend hours….
My guess: on youtube
His answer: reading

18. What is his heritage?
My guess: Irish+European mutt
His answer: white (so funny I forgot to laugh)

19. You bake them a cake for their birthday….What kind do they want?
My guess: red velvet
His answer: red velvet

20. Did he/she play sports in high school?
My guess: no
His answer: basketball, not officially with his high school (great now he decides to get technical about the questions)

Married 1+ years, together 10 years and I got 12/20. Damn.



Anyone who hasn’t done it that wants to play. If you do it, link me so I can read your answers!

September 6, 2008 at 10:25 am 4 comments

NFR: Reflect Bracelet Giveaway WINNER!

Humble apologies to all commenters who left me such amazing stories and/or concerns about skin cancer. Thanks for your patience for my I Will Reflect bracelet giveaway.

I ordered the bracelets the day that I posted the giveaway and wanted to wait until I got the bracelets in my hot little hand before randomly choosing a winner. I wasn’t worried after 1 week but after 2 weeks and still no bracelets, I started getting antsy. I emailed SpaFinder customer service and they informed me that somehow they didn’t receive my order (they got my money though?) and would be shipping me my bracelets ASAP. They were generous enough to include a couple extra ones. So instead of 1 winner, I picked 2!

To the winners: Please email me your name and address at your earliest convenience. I’ll ship your bracelets out to you next week!

Remember. Protect your skin. Wear sunscreen.

Happy Friday Readers.

September 5, 2008 at 11:41 am 2 comments

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