Belated Bunday Monday

July 29, 2008 at 10:13 pm 9 comments

Oops! I totally forgot about this week’s segment of Bunday Monday! My bad.

I have a tattoo of my first bunny, Cinnabun, on my lower right back. Please ignore the stretch marks. After he passed away I knew I wanted something to remember him by. He is the reason why I adore bunnies so much. He was perfect. I miss him so much.


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  • 1. slush  |  July 30, 2008 at 10:44 am

    I LOVE this tattoo. Adorable CB! (love it when the tattoos people have really mean something too, big bonus points!)

  • 2. CB  |  July 30, 2008 at 10:47 am

    SLUSH, amen to that. I remember when I told a few ppl that I was getting a tattoo I got the “its gonna be on you FOREVER, you sure you wanna do this?” Yes! I will always love Cinnabun. That will never change whether I am 80, old, fat, wrinkly whatever.

  • 3. JacqueOH  |  August 5, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    Aaah, how cute is that? What a great tribute to your beloved pet.

  • 4. CB  |  August 5, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    JACQUEOH, thanky. He really was a great bunny so I wanted something to remember him by.

  • 5. Bethany  |  February 20, 2009 at 11:42 am

    :( :( :(
    I really want a bunny tattoo just because I have always adored bunnies, and because my last bunny, Boo, just got killed by my dogs last night when they got out of their cage when no one was home and it tears me apart :'( they did the same thing to the bunny before him, Lulu, so I’ve decided no more bunnies til I get rid of my retard dogs

    R.I.P. Boo and Lulu :'(

  • 6. CB  |  February 20, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    BETHANY, I am so sorry to hear about your bunnies passing. :(

  • 7. Meghan  |  April 18, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    I just lost my first bunny on Good Friday. I was very attatched to him and he was part of my daily routine. I am just so heart broken. I saw this tattoo and it inspired me to get my own. His name was Baby and he’s my angel

    here’s a pic of us

  • 8. CB  |  April 19, 2009 at 7:31 am

    MEGHAN, I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a beloved pet is really devastating. For some reason the picture of you and Baby didn’t show up but I am sure that he was adorable.

  • 9. Jill Edwards  |  January 24, 2010 at 7:11 am

    Hello i love it, i to am getting a bunny tattoo. I lost my mandy in April and i also miss her . I dont think some people understand how attached we get to our petsxx


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