TWD#2 Fee Fi Faux Snickers

March 4, 2008 at 5:54 am 38 comments

I love Snickers. I wouldn’t say its my favorite candy but its definitely in my top 3 candy bars. So of course I was thrilled when Erin @ Dinner And Dessert chose this recipe for me and my fellow TWDers to bake this week.

This recipe wasn’t complicated per se but I think *I* made it harder than it should have been. haha.

First faux pa. I forgot the peanuts. So off to the grocery store to get peanuts. Second stupid moment. I got unsalted and not salted peanuts. Turd. To make matters worse, after I left the grocery store, I smacked my forehead when I realized that I came home with no dulce de leche. Crap. Then I got the “brilliant” idea to make my own!

page 120-121

(Recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From my home to yours | photos from me!)


For the crust
1 cup AP flour
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp confectioners’ sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 stick (8 tbsp) unsalted butter, cut into small pieces and chilled

For the filling
1/3 cup sugar
3 tbsp water
1-1/2 cups salted peanuts
1-1/2 cups store-bought dulce de leche (see notes)

For the topping
7 oz bittersweet chocolate, coursely chopped (I used 1/2 bittersweet 1/2 semi-sweet)
1/2 stick (4 tbsp) unsalted butter, cut into 8 pieces, at room temp

[NOTES: I was too lazy to hit up the grocery store (again!) so I used homemade dulce de leche from this recipe. Recipe says 4 hours but mine took 5.5 hour. Maybe I didn’t have the stove turned high enough? *shrugs]


Center a rack in the oven and preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Butter an 8-inch square pan and put it on a baking sheet. (I used a 9×13 pan b/c I didn’t read the recipe correctly. Probably why my bars came out kinda skinny. *shrugs)

To make the crust—
Toss the flour, sugar, confectioners’ sugar and salt into a food processor and pulse a few times to combine. Toss in the pieces of cold butter and pulse about 12 times, until the mixture looks like coarse meal. Pour the yolk over the ingredients and pulse until the dough forms clumps and curds – stop before the dough comes together in a ball.

Turn the dough into the buttered pan and gently press it evenly across the bottom of the pan. Prick the dough all over with a fork and slide the sheet into the oven.

Bake the crust for 15 to 20 minutes, or until it takes on just a little color around the edges. Transfer the pan to a rack and cool to room temperature before filling.

To make the filling–
Have a parchment – or, better yet, a silicone mat-lined baking sheet at the ready, as well as a long-handled wooden spoon (you’ll be cooking sugar that will climb to over 300 degrees F, so you’ll want to keep as far away from it as possible) and a medium (about 2-quart) heavy-bottomed sauce pan.

Put the sugar and water in the saucepan and cook over medium-high heat, stirring, until the sugar dissolves. Keeping the heat fairly high, continue to cook the sugar, without stirring, until it just starts to color. (If sugar splatters onto the sides of the saucepan, wash down the splatters with a pastry brush dipped in cold water.) Toss in the peanuts and immediately start stirring. Keep stirring, to coat the peanuts with the sugar. Within a few minutes, they will be covered with sugar and turn white – keep stirring until the sugar turns back into caramel.

When the peanuts are coated with a nice deep amber caramel, remove the pan from the heat and turn the nuts out onto the baking sheet, using the wooden spoon to spread them out as best you can. Cool the nuts to room temperature.

When they are cool enough to handle, separate the nuts or break them into small pieces. Divide the nuts in half. Keep half of the nuts whole or in biggish pieces for the filling, and finely chop the other half for the topping.

Spread the dulce de leche over the shortbread base and sprinkle over the whole candied nuts or the big pieces.

To make the topping—
Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of barely simmering water or in a microwave oven, using a low power setting. Remove the chocolate from the heat and gently stir in the butter, stirring until it is fully blended into the chocolate.

Pour the chocolate over the dulce de leche, smoothing it with a long metal icing spatula, then sprinkle over the finely chopped candied peanuts. Slide the pan into the refrigerator to set the topping, about 20 minutes; if you’d like to serve the squares cold, keep them refrigerated for at least 3 hours before cutting.

Cut into 16 bars, each roughly 2-1/2 inches on a side.


Husband rating: A
He liked it but isn’t a huge fan of dulce de leche. He said I should have use peanut butter or nutella for the filling instead. Interesting for next time?

Wifey rating: A
They were good but very rich so I could barely finish one piece. I am glad I decided to use 1/2 bitter and 1/2 semisweet chocolate b/c I am sure the bitterness would have overwhelmed the bar too much for me. I honestly liked eating the caramalized peanuts more than the whole bar! hehe.

Next week: Russian Grandmothers’ Apple Pie Cake

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38 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Marie  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:01 am

    Alls well that ends well. I too forgot to get the peanuts, so I used pecans instead. A truly delicious substitute I might add! Your squares look delicious!

  • 2. Racheypoo  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:14 am

    They look great! Did you like them?

  • 3. NinaBeth  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:19 am

    Looks delicious!! What did you think about them?

  • 4. CB  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:22 am

    MARIE, I was totally gonna do pecans since I had them leftover from the biscuits but I just thought a snickery bar couldn’t be a snickers without peanuts. Glad to hear that pecans taste just as good!

    RACHEYPOO and NINA, oops! I forgot my rating at the end. I was writing this up at 11pm so I was 1/2 asleep! I will go back and edit.

  • 5. slush  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:23 am

    They look perfect. Great job Clara!

  • 6. CB  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:27 am

    SLUSH, thanks oh fearless leader ;)

  • 7. ashlee  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:35 am

    yum! yours look delicious too! it’s nice when the recipe gives you a snack to hold you oven between cooking applications :) next time i might make 2 cups of peanuts!

  • 8. noskos  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:35 am

    They look fabulous!!

  • 9. mrsabybaby  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:38 am

    Oh wow! These look way too rich and sweet for me but maybe I could do a bite or two. :) I’m impressed!!!!!

  • 10. April  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:42 am

    They look great! I bet that peanut butter would rock in this recipe! yum!

  • 11. bombshellwithin  |  March 4, 2008 at 7:09 am

    I dunno… I think I’d rather buy the snickers bar. But, it does look kinda pretty. Although, caramel is love.. so I’d be with you CB on loving that part of the bar. I’m also not a fan of bittersweet chocolate.

  • 12. smellslikehome  |  March 4, 2008 at 7:39 am

    great job on these! i thought about using 1/2 semi- / 1/2 bittersweet and probably should have gone with my gut – these were very rich!

  • 13. Di  |  March 4, 2008 at 7:40 am

    I’m totally with you on snacking on the peanuts. That’s part of why I didn’t put any on the top of my bars–I was too busy eating them. =) I like dark chocolate, but I was thinking that milk chocolate would be more Snickers-like. But it might also be way too sweet with the dulce de leche. Hmm…

  • 14. nikki57  |  March 4, 2008 at 7:40 am

    Glad you were able to get your dulce to turnout ok in the end

  • 15. CB  |  March 4, 2008 at 7:47 am

    ASHLEE, I was thinking the same thing! I think I might make some caramelized peanuts for myself this afternoon! I have a whole jar left. What the heck right? haha.

    NOSKO, thanky!

    MRSABY, yeah they were uber rich. I could barely finish one square.

    APRIL, My hubs is a PB freak so he said I have to use PB next time I make it or maybe a mix of dulce de leche and PB. Mmmm…

    BOMBSHELL, I’d probably buy the bar too. Not b/c I didn’t like the recipe but sometimes I just want a quick sugar fix in a bite size bar. This recipes makes too much and I’d definitely get fat!

    SMELLSLIKE, I am glad I went 1/2-1/2 but it was still kinda bitter for me. Maybe I’d go 1/3-2/3 next time.

    DI, yeah I was thinking milk choco too but then I thought too sweet.

    NIKKI, it only took 5.5 hours. omg. way too long. Might have to try it from scratch next time and see if that works out better. Thanks for the dulce support yesterday! LOL

  • 16. lynettechng  |  March 4, 2008 at 8:42 am

    you got it, right on!! the layers all look perfect!!

  • 17. Sarah  |  March 4, 2008 at 9:35 am

    Great job on your squares! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  • 18. Erin  |  March 4, 2008 at 11:09 am

    Looks delicious! I’m glad you liked them!

  • 19. CB  |  March 4, 2008 at 11:15 am

    LYNETTE, thanky for the compliments! Practically perfect in every way. haha. Do you have a blog? Didn’t wanna miss your entry too!

    ERIN, thanks for hosting! :)

  • 20. mary  |  March 4, 2008 at 11:18 am

    well at least all the extra energy you put into making them paid off…they are beautiful!

  • 21. Zakia  |  March 4, 2008 at 11:21 am

    your bars look great. you definitely need a glass of milk to eat these!

  • 22. CB  |  March 4, 2008 at 11:29 am

    MARY, thanks! Thats all that matters in the end right? ;)

    ZAKIA, Personally I don’t like milk but my hubs always has milk with his dessert. He will never understand how I don’t like milk. It does a body good! hehe

  • 23. Michelle  |  March 4, 2008 at 11:32 am

    They look great. You are a brave woman, I wouldn’t dare make homemade dulce de leche. I’d rather drive the 15 minutes to Walmart and buy some! haha!

  • 24. CB  |  March 4, 2008 at 11:36 am

    MICHELLE, thats what my hubs said too! I just don’t like to drive so I’d rather do something that takes more time to avoid driving. Ass backwards I know!

  • 25. Dianne  |  March 4, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    I ended up making my own dulce de leche as well. I did the closed can method and it took about 2 hours and then you have to let it sit in the water for an additional 30 minutes so the can won’t explode. It turned out pretty well.

  • 26. CB  |  March 4, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    DIANNE, I was a little worried about closed can but maybe next time I’ll give it a try. As long as you keep the can submerged it should be fine right?

  • 27. Gretchen Noelle  |  March 4, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    Haha! You were too lazy to go back to the store but not lazy enough to make dulce de leche for 5.5 hours. Too funny! The bars look yummy!

  • 28. Karina  |  March 4, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Great pictures! Yours look delicious, and I’m jealous because you got a much cleaner cut on them than I was able to!

  • 29. CB  |  March 4, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    GRETCHEN, I know right! haha. Talk about ass backwards.

    KARINA, thanky! did you put your squares in the frig? I put mine in the frig to firm up and I think thats what made it easier to cut?

  • 30. Caitlin  |  March 4, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    Even if you weren’t too much of a fan, they look amazing!

  • 31. Lori  |  March 4, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    Your bars look absolutely perfect! I think the 9×13 pan was a good idea (or mistake…whichever), everyone that used that size pan has beautiful bars! Maybe the dulce de leche needed to be in a thnner layer.

  • 32. Kristina  |  March 5, 2008 at 11:59 am

    I finally subscribed to this blog! ’bout time right? I mean, I am the new most loyal reader of iheartcuppycakes (I’m taking the title whether it’s true or not hehe) Anyway, these look delicious! They inspired me to go get my trusty frozen almond snickers out of the freezer(I keep one there at all times for the hormonal part of the month) I’m not sure it will satisfy my craving, I might have to make the bars. I also might have to get up off of $40 and buy the blasted cookbook so I can participate in TWD, but seriously that’s like $10 away from $50!
    Gosh, maybe I should change my title to ‘Queen of really long rambling comments’….

  • 33. CB  |  March 5, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    CAITLIN, aawww thanks! not sure about amazing but my ego doesn’t mine reading it. haha.

    LORI, I love when mistakes come out better! Personally I wish I would have made my dulce thicker but I love caramel so…

    KRISTINA, hey there! welcome to my sad little food blog. It just can’t compete with IHC. haha. Definitely join TWD. I am enjoying it and I am still a newb! Alot of ppl tell me that has the book for much cheaper so check it out.

  • 34. Mari  |  March 5, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    Good idea mixing your chocolates for the topping, I do have to admit that I found the bittersweet chocolate, more bitter then sweet. But then, I’m not normally a fan of bittersweet chocolate anyways.

  • 35. alan  |  March 5, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    hey clara give me a call on my celly when you see this

  • 36. Jaime  |  March 5, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    great job! maybe your hubby would it with blake’s PBDDL? :) looks like you weren’t the only one to use the wrong pan size either!

  • 37. CB  |  March 5, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    JAIME, oh definitely! I was tempted to use my PBDDL for the snickery squares but there wasn’t really enough for the recipe so I used them on cupcakes instead! Check out my Cuppycakes blog to see!

  • 38. Jhianna  |  March 6, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    I love it when I get in my own way on these things! (But I never figure it out until afterwards – darnitall)

    They look great!


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